UTSA On-Call Civil and Surveying IDIQ

UTSA On-Call Civil and Surveying IDIQ
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  • UTSA On-Call Civil and Surveying IDIQ
  • UTSA On-Call Civil and Surveying IDIQ
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BMB has provided as-needed civil engineering, traffic engineering, project management and land surveying for time sensitive facility renovations, repairs, and new projects. The University established a campus strategic plan to assist in directing the University’s academic and campus community goals/objectives through 2016. BMB helped to coordinate and unify all aspects of the University’s three campus locations while maintaining the individual identity of each separate campus.

Downtown Campus Survey

  • BMB provided 3D surveying services of the downtown campus for proposed landscaping and proposed storm water management improvements. The use of the LEICA Scanner eliminates the need to send surveyors back to the site for additional information, keeping cost down and efficiency in mind. Using this tool allowed us to complete this task order ahead of schedule.

UTSA 1604 Campus Realignment at J Bauerle at O’Neil Ford Intersection

  • The goal of this project was to provide a standard, safe and efficient intersection. BMB determined hydrology for the site and for downstream of the stream based on the existing condition and proposed conditions. BMB determined the amount of increased runoff for pre/post development and proposed storage volume calculations to verify whether the pond was able to contain the 1% chance flood, as designed.

Sediment Pond

  • BMB was asked for an evaluation, development and associated maintenance & repair recommendations needed for five (5) sediment ponds located within the UTSA Main Campus: Margaret Tobin Basin, Lot 10 Addition Basins, West Campus Basin #4, Student Housing Lot 1 Basin, Lot 5 Ximenes Basin. BMB provided a remediation plan and specifications to eliminate sediment pond short circuitry. BMB utilized the Leica C-10 Scanner to scan the area.

Facilities EPM West Campus Lab

  • Provided surveying services in support of the MBT Structural Defects study project on the west campus Margaret Tobin Building. Surving included an elevation survey by running a level loop through the building and wet labs (excluding BSL3 lab), grade control, drawings, and coordination with the assigned JOD Engineer.


University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA)


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What Our Clients Are Saying

John Strybos, P.E. – Alamo Colleges

“I have had the pleasure and opportunity to work with the seasoned professionals at Bain Medina Bain on many civil engineering and surveying projects over the past five years for the Alamo Colleges. On projects at San Antonio College, St. Phillip’s College, Palo Alto College and Northwest Vista College, they have repeatedly demonstrated their integrated work style, cost-conscious design approach, responsiveness and systematic execution of quality civil designs and surveying services from start to finish.

Bain Medina Bain