Our Mission: “ We believe that projects are completed through team effort with careful attention to technical details, project schedule and budget management”


Bain Medina Bain has proven experience in roadway and utility infrastructure, hydraulic and hydrologic studies and design, structural design, site development and construction management. Our team of engineers is particularly qualified in the development, design and construction management of public and private works projects involving urban roadways, placing and preparation of construction plans, specifications for grading, paving, parking lot layout, dimensional control site utilities and traffic control.

We have successfully completed a multitude of assignments involving the following:

  • Streets/Roadway design

  • Drainage design

  • Bridges and retaining walls

  • Highways

  • Water and sewer systems

  • Utility coordination/relocation

  • Parking and sidewalk design

  • Culverts and low water crossings

  • Park and recreational facilities

  • Subdivision platting

  • Civil site development